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Promotion Channel-European Yellow Pages 2011

2011-03-25 11:51

FOB recommends the European Yellow Pages to the foreign trade industry and foreign trade service industry.

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese businessmen live in Italy, a hub for the import and export of Chinese goods into Europe. They have long played a leading role in the EU-China trade. Overseas Chinese businessmen have made great contributions to the rapid development of the Chinese economy.

The "Chinese Business Yellow Page" in Italy is an important way for Chinese businessmen and retailers in Europe to find distributors and importers. It is a guide for Chinese businessmen to communicate, live and shop. "Chinese Business Yellow Pages" was first published in 1999 and has been published in 11 issues. It currently has 50,000 volumes, of which 30,000 are distributed in Italy, and 20,000 are distributed among Chinese merchant wholesalers and foreign counterparts in Spain, Portugal, France and Germany It is estimated that 20,000 copies will be first published in China in 2011. Advertising on "Chinese Business Yellow Pages" has the advantages of low cost, quick results, wide impact, long service life, (365 days, 24 hours) and other advertising dissemination. Because 95% of Chinese businessmen in Europe are not used to conducting business information searches on the Internet. And used to use the traditional "Chinese Business Yellow Pages". Therefore, "Chinese Business Yellow Pages" has become an important part of business and life of European Chinese businessmen.

The 2011 version of the Yellow Pages is already in place. If you need a company, please contact FOB. Click here for details >>