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2011-09-01 14:38

1. PHP engineer:

Job Responsibilities:

(1) Responsible for new product development, daily maintenance, and writing development documents;

(2) Participate in the architecture design of the platform, good code availability and efficiency;

(3) Participate in the database architecture and keep the database moving efficiently;

(4) Accurate template construction and maintenance;

(5) Document writing, public template data description document, template structure design document, can write clear comments during coding;

(6) Maintain good communication with product and page production staff, can quickly understand and digest the needs of all parties, and implement it into specific development work;

(7) Strictly follow the code format and structure of the team, and write code that is easy to read, easy to maintain, high quality and efficient

(8) Able to sort out product requirements independently and complete code writing.


(1) College degree or above, two or more years of PHP development experience;

(2) Skilled in using svn, sftp, editplus and other tools; Skilled in using mysql database;

(3) Familiar with common web servers such as apache or nginx, and familiar with rewrite rules;

(4) Be proficient in using one or more development templates, such as smarty, template;

(5) Have network scraping code experience; understand phpcms, dedecms and other content management systems;

(6) Those who have used memcache to process caches are preferred;

(7) Good code writing, writing development documents, and drawing program flowcharts;

(8) Good communication skills, logical thinking ability, and fluent English.

2. Website operation editor:

Job Responsibilities:

(1) Collection and release of daily popular forum information;

(2) Forum forum content release and maintenance; forum activity planning;

(3) Organizing and refining the content of the forum;

(4) Assist the department to complete daily affairs.


(1) Good thinking communication ability and self-motivated; able to adapt to high-intensity work pressure, and have a strong team spirit;

(2) Have a deep understanding of the Internet (networms are the best), like the Internet, be familiar with foreign trade, and have a certain understanding of the development of e-commerce;

(3) Likes forums, sns, and Sina Weibo. Experience in forum event planning and experience in bamboo is preferred;

(4) Familiar with HTML code, software such as Ps, Dreamweaver; simple image processing and website background maintenance experience;

(5) Work or internship experience on the website is preferred.

For the above recruitment resume, please email forum # fachplanung-fischer.com