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53 million fakes seized in Italy

2012-09-02 17:08

Italian police launches anti-counterfeiting operation, 53 million fakes seized in first seven months of this year

International Online News (Reporter Zhang Guocheng): Counterfeit and shoddy goods have always been a headache for us, and Italy, which is far away in Europe, is equally unbearable. Starting in January of this year, the Italian police continued to step up anti-counterfeiting operations. In the first seven months, a total of 53 million fakes were investigated and dealt with, including a wide range of counterfeit goods.

In the first seven months of this year alone, the Italian police had seized 53 million fakes, more than 6,000 people were involved in the case, and 94 criminal gangs making fake traffickers were destroyed. This is what the Italian financial police achieved in the first seven months of this year.

According to statistics, the Italian police conducted a total of 7,300 anti-counterfeiting operations in the first seven months of this year, about 35 times a day, and the average amount of cases investigated and dealt with each day amounted to 2 million euros. Among the counterfeit and seized goods seized, there were not only brand-name watches such as Rolex and counterfeit brand-name shoes, but also many counterfeit high-tech products, such as tablet computers, smartphones such as Apple, HTC and Nokia.

Among them, the counterfeit case occurred in Venice, and the traffickers mainly sold to foreign tourists. Near Rome's Fiumicino International Airport, Italian police also smashed a gang smuggling through Nordic ports, which involved a large number of Ray-Ban glasses, Nike and Adidas sneakers.

In this year's anti-counterfeiting operation in Italy, what I have to say is that some illegal Chinese businessmen really surprised the Italian police. A press release issued by the General Administration of Customs of Italy on June 19 stated that they had intercepted more than 2 million fake train tickets from Rome's Fiumicino International Airport to the Central Station during the month. Fake tickets are printed in China. If these fake tickets are sold, it will cost Italy Rail a total value of more than 28 million euros.

In addition to fakes from abroad, there are many places in Italy that make fakes. For example, in Naples and Caserta in the south, local criminal groups have opened underground black factories to imitate the well-known Hogan flat shoes.